Lionel Ambassador Review

by Steve Scagnelli

Pennsylvania Scrap Yard SKU: 6-82263

An amazing aspect of Model Railroading is the ability to imitate life and Lionel has again captured that in its animated Pennsylvania Scrap yard. In real life, cars, planes, other products and trains reach the end of their life. When that occurs they are hauled off to the scrap yard where their parts can be harvested and eventually recycled into new products. Here Lionel has created an animation of an old PRR “F” unit now at the hands of the welders taking her apart for scrap metal. 

This product now resides on the TMB model Train club layout.  If you desire  to a add a new look and annimation to your layout  then simply place the  scrap yard on your layout, wire it up and begin having fun.

Immediately after installation and ready to be fired up.
On the TMb model Train Club layout we opt for 3-rail scale and strive for that additional level of realism. In achieving that result all we needed to do was extend the ground cover used in the rest of our scrap yard right up to  and over the Lionel accessory.

Here we have the side view showing welders going about their tasks

From the front end you can see the Lionel Atomic energy car on the scrap yard siding. Hmmm, wonder if the scrap yard is licensed to handle atomic waste???
Play the Video to see the movement and arc welding lights. For use on the club layout we later installed a push button control so our guests can operate it and share in the Lionel experience