Lionel Ambassador Review

by Steve Scagnelli

Lionel Legacy-Lash Ups

One of the awesome sights seen in live railroading is a long train with multiple engines at the head of the train. In the modern era with todays computerized diesel and electric engines the commands are fairly straight forward and connecting the engines allows for one operator to command multiple engines. In the Steam Era lash ups were also possible but each engine required its own engineer and communications was critical to successful operation.

Using Lionel Legacy, art imitates life and we can lash up many engines.  Whether you’re pulling a simple consist of 5-10 cars or you have a layout that will allow you to assemble a 40-50 car train, the Legacy Operating system will facilitate this.

Using the Train “TR” function on the Legacy unit, both engines can be controlled with a single command to operate both engines as one.
Here we see the lead a Lionel Northern FEF at the Lionel Coaling tower loading up for today’s run
The Lights and sounds will operate from the lead engine and the back-up lights from the rear engine. The front coupler on the lead engine will be the FRONT coupler and the rear coupler on the last engine will be the REAR coupler. Any other couplers in between will be non-operational, while being run in lash-up mode. 
Now we see the second unit, Lionel Challenger coupled up the Lead engine tender.
You can use your imagination and couple steam with diesel as did occur, so the choice of engines and positioning is all yours. I do recommend keeping the engines within a lash-up of the same operating system, so lash up your TMCC engines together or lash up your Legacy engines together, but that’s just my choice.
Today’s Operator, John Seitz, taking control of his Lash-up the palm of his hands
The photos shown in this article were taken at the TMB model Train Club in East Farmingdale NY.
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Lionel Reference of the engines shown in this article

Lionel Northern 6-82806

  • Rail Line: Union Pacific
  • Road Number: 844
  • Gauge: O Gauge
  • Scale Type: Scale
  • Engine Type: Steam
  • Min Curve: O72
  • Dimensions: 28 3/4" Long
  • Most Recent Catalog: 2015 Lionel Volume 2 Catalog

Lionel Challenger 6-11210

  • Rail Line: Union Pacific
  • Road Number: 3967
  • Gauge: Standard O Scale
  • Brand: Lionel
  • Min Curve: O-72
  • Dimensions: Length: 32”
  • Most Recent Catalog: Lionel Signature Edition Volume One 2010